|  V A N C O U V E R  |  February 2014  |

"The past is just a story we tell ourselves."

- Her, 2013

Sometimes you ask yourself where do we go from here and what will tomorrow be? Of course, it’s the cliche and the endless thoughts of possibilities that will either give your brain enough endorphin for you to sleep like an angel tonight or bring you to the worst stage of insomnia through unnecessary and rather destructive ideas. But, how do we cope up with these tiny whispers in our brain before we could find ourselves in a debris of once a blooming relationship?

Is the idea of “too-good-to-be-true” psychologically implanted in everyone’s mind when entering a relationship through history and stories? Is the idea of being happy in our society today just a myth that people value but not believe in anymore?

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Photographed by Jonathan Chung

|  G R A N V I L L E   I S L A N D  |  February 2014  |

People talk and feelings get hurt. You have to ask yourself who is worth keeping. Eliminating people out of your life doesn’t mean you’re a bad friend (or a person), it’s all about knowing your priorities and what you truly deserve.

I have learned that “no man’s an island” is more than a calming phrase to those who is terrified by the loneliness of life. I have also learned that having people around you is a double edged sword that could cut you and leave you insecure and vulnerable. 

Relationship is a bond between two people that constantly needs to be fed with wisdom - about each other and about life. It is about figuring who you truly are as much as you are figuring out who your partner really is.

It is the ultimate life adventure. 

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Photographed by Jonathan Chung

|  R I C H M O N D  |  January 2014  |

The flaws makes you the way you are and I think that is the most beautiful phenomenon in humanity today. 

Photography as a medium is such a bazaar yet liberating way to express one’s artistic vision of the world around them. Selecting and choosing the best frame in your roll is probably the most stressful yet rewarding experience in the process of creating beautiful imageries. 

Selecting the “best” photograph is such a visceral process yet inevitable. The ones that you reject are just as important as the ones that you have chosen. 

Could we imply the same perception towards our lives and possibly humanize this ideation of technology through that way?

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Photographed by Jonathan Chung

|  V A N C O U V E R  |  January 2014  |

For the past few days, a lot has been going through my mind (in all fairness, the work load that has already been dumped onto my shoulder from the first couple weeks of classes is insanely horrifying). I have come to a realization that I am suffering from an over-thinking syndrome. Some symptoms include the magnification of details of every actions I make and blowing it out into unworldly proportion thus creating a black hole of negativity and desaturating the vibrancy of life itself. 

I have always been an insecure individual no matter how confident I portray myself to the public eyes. Those who have known me well enough would know the genuine stories behind the clothes I wear and the food I eat. Showing emotion has been a challenge ever since my teenage years and I am grateful for the people around me that continues to read the honest images of myself and understands it fully. 

Being said that, it is time for me to change. I need to start believing in myself and try to become who I really am without the subjectivity of the people around me. I am taking a journey to find my voice and I would love for anyone of you to come and join me. I am here to share my meals, my wardrobe, my travels and most importantly the photographs that describes the beauty of my mundane lifestyle that tells genuine stories, emotions and inspirations. 

Here’s for the magical and splendid 2014!

The Revolver | G A S T O W N

|  S E A T T L E  |  January 2014  |

How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live. 

- Henry David Thoreau

It is quite comical when an individual ask me about what I want to do with my life. It is even more ridiculous that I do have an answer to anyone who have ever asked me the life-long question of destiny and future. The intriguing fact is that our generation loses their vision and dream at such an early age rather than keeping it dear to them and nurturing those ambitions.

I find that our society posses too many distractions. It is your responsibility to create your own and unique life and paint the world you want to be in. 

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Photographed by Jonathan Chung