There are three things men desire when a conversation about wardrobe begins: a quality tailored suit, a pair of Italian leather footwear and a statement timepiece. 

The recent Victorinox line of timepieces dubbed as the Alliance, goes beyond the classic and clean line aesthetic of Swiss watchmaking. The details, from the Arabic numerals to the boastful emblem of the Swiss cross, becomes an iconic visual representation of opulence, quality and style.

From the dark gray or eggshell dial options, to the delicately brushed sunray finish to highlight the tones finishing with the polished and satined steel or an ecologically tanned black leather strap, the Alliance is an exquisite piece in a men’s wardrobe. 

The sleek and classic aesthetic of traditional watches contrast with the modern touches of technological advancement makes the Alliance the mechanical watch of stylish elegance.

| C A B O  S A N  L U C A S  M E X I C O | July 2014 |

If I get a chance to run away from the noise of today, I would pack my map and take you with me. I want to wake up on a train or on the plane with the morning light beaming on your face beside me. 

Thoughts about my standards and taste visits my head throughout the day. While walking in the city observing society and how people’s minds work, I think to myself why my priorities differ from an average twenty year old. 

When a college student dash out two grand to buy this season’s handbag, I see myself photographing the alleyways of Fez in Morocco and smelling the different spices that linger the region. 

| Sunglasses by Balenciaga { Check out this Neil Barrett contrast shirt } | Shirt by UNIQLO | Shorts by Club Monaco | Sandals by Aldo |

Photographed by Jonathan Chung

| C A B O  S A N  L U C A S  M E X I C O | June 2014 |

.Everyone that you meet has something to teach you. But one person will change your life. 

In an 80 years span of your life, you will probably meet three to five people that you could say you honestly fell in love with. You could meet thousands of people - if not millions - but love will always differentiate your perspective towards different kinds of people. One of those five people will define what love truly is for you as an individual who exist in this world. That one person will set the standards of what you love from a person. That person will bring you to an ecstatic euphoria of life without you realizing how much you have grown and changed as a person. 

| Sunglasses by Balenciaga ( 50% off Dior Homme Sunglasses ) | Shirt by Club Monaco ( Alternative Phillip Lim ) | Shorts by Club Monaco | Sandlas by Aldo |

Photographed by Jonathan Chung

| C A B O  S A N  L U C A S  M E X I C O | June 2014 |

"Hiding from love is the rejection of anything humanly". 

Rejection is a feeling that prevents human beings from their full capacity. How sad is it that a person will choose another way of life to avoid the feeling of rejection when, truthfully, you are eliminating the very essence of living. 

I know it is hard to live your life without the fear of rejection creeps up every now and then onto the surface. However, how much of life would you waste trying to hide from the inevitable?

No matter how much you guard yourself and drown yourself from the walls you built, rejection will always find a crack to crawl into and manage to destroy everything that you have. 

| Sunglasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs ( Similar Oliver Peoples sunglasses at ) | 

| Riu Hotel Cabo San Lucas, Mexico |

Photographed by Jonathan Chung

| C A B O  S A N  L U C A S  M E X I CO | June 2014 |

It’s all about the ease that makes this season a little bit more charming.

Travelling around the world is the most rewarding investment a young person could ever do. It’s not about relaxing and escaping your reality. It is about opening new doors for the next chapter of your life. Gaining experiences, educating yourself with culture other than your own and trying to find the balance of knowledge and enjoying yourself with the best company you could ever ask for - your partner - could surpass any designer bags and shoes any day.  

My trip to Cabo San Lucas was short yet necessary. It was full of epiphany and realization which made my perception of the world a little bit more different. I learned how to appreciate the mundane objects that lingers around you as much as the distinct ones. 

One thing that I brought home from this trip: learn how to live your life by acknowledging every minute of the day with a smile. 

| Shirt by Issey Miyake ( Fantastic alternative from Saint Laurent and McQ Alexander McQueen ) | Shorts by Club Monaco ( Similar Marc by Marc Jacobs ) | Sunglasses by Balenciaga ( Statement sunglasses from Kenzo ) | 

Photographed by Jonathan Chung