|  I. N. O. X  |  Viktorinox  |

Paying homage to the Swiss Army Watches, Victorinox has launched I.N.O.X for their 130th anniversary that boasts the authenticity and robustness of the brand.

Travelling with style is a challenging task - you might exude effortless chic but style comes with a bit of an effort and finding the right accessories to polish an outfit could make or break an ensemble. When Victorinox came out with I.N.O.X for their 130th anniversary, I knew this watch would be the integration of style and practicality perfectly suited for jet-set lifestyle and men who value the harmony between design and quality.

I would like to formally introduce I.N.O.X (stainless steel in french) as the one piece of accessory that every man needs to own. Its durability under vigorous circumstances under the raging fire, frozen climate, the gushing rain and its resistance to corrosion proves that this stainless steel time piece is the future of watch technology.

Time pieces are very crucial in a man’s attire. A wrist watch is one accessory that epitomizes the sleekness and detailed personality of a man. It illustrates the power of detail-oriented personality over an ensemble and the appreciation of grooming oneself with opulent demeanor and luxurious ambiance. 

|  B A R C E L O N A   S P A I N  |  September 2014  |

I don’t mind the muggy rain of Barcelona. It has it’s romantic appeal - while sipping a glass of cold and fruitful sangria and in front of you are Spanish delicacies and the person you wanted to spend your life with. 

How do I even begin to describe Barcelona and its magic. Barcelona is the city that embodies modernity and embraces the artistic visual appeal of architecture that integrates with the Spanish culture and traditional aesthetic. We enjoyed this city more than any other due to its visually orgasmic paradigm. Every corner is an opportunity to create and open up a whole new adventure within an adventure. 

The color and the city’s vibrancy spoke to us the most as it is a pleasure to witness such a unique European experience. Walking along the streets of Barcelona is walking under a cacophony of architectural miracles. From the House of Gaudi to the Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona is a fantastic destination within the Spanish region. 

Photographed by Jonathan Chung

|  V A L E N C I A  S P A I N  |  September 2014  |

Valencia photo diary I: a chronicle of the Spanish travel. 

It has been weeks since I got back to Vancouver from Spain and I am still craving the scent and allure of the Spanish region. From the food to the people, Valencia is a quint city full of character to be explored and discovered. The city has its own quality that separates itself from any European destination. There is almost a hybrid of a coastal lifestyle mixed in together with an urban cultural traditions that results in a relax and vibrant environment. 

The weather was phenomenally warm therefore choosing an outfit to go out and about was quite challenging. Although I am a avid addict when it comes to monochromatic ensembles, I couldn’t help to showcase my floral shirt from Bench that I got from Philippines last time. It’s blooming print is different than any other botanical prints in the market. I finished off both my Valencian outfit with my classic white Chuck Taylor converse - I live in this pair of shoes this season. 

Stay tuned for more blog entries about my Spanish escapade. 

| Shirt from H&M { Alternative from Alexander Wang } | Shorts from Nike | Shoes from Converse | Sunglasses from Marc by Marc Jacobs { Alternative from Saint Laurent } |

| Shirt from Bench | Shorts from Club Monaco | Shoes from Converse | Sunglasses from Marc by Marc Jacobs | Bag from J. Crew { Alternative from 3.1 Phillip Lim } |

Photographed by Jonathan Chung

|  S P A I N  |  August 2014


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Photographed by Jonathan Chung

|  C A B O  S A N  L U C A S  M E X I C O  |  July 2014 |

Lately, I have been cheating on fashion for airplane tickets. It’s better than a lamb skin leather jacket or a new kicks from Rick Owens. 

Once you get out of the place where you feel most comfortable in, you would be addicted to that experience of the unknown. The indescribable feeling of trying to be in a place full of people with the same addiction - travelling and exploring the world - is a constant craving that needs to be fixed. 

It’s that instant invisible feeling that I love the most - not caring about anything except for time and space. Nothing logical matters and your brain is heavily influenced by irrational thoughts.

I think that is why we try to escape. 

| Shirt by Club Monaco | Plaid shirt by J.Crew | Shorts by Club Monaco | Shoes by Converse {  Obsessed with this Converse x Maison Martin Margiela  } | Bag by Zara | Sunglasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs |

Photographed by Jonathan Chung