All the Cool Kids Wear Marc

All the cool kids wear Marc Jacobs. Effortless, chic and fabulous with practicality meeting the fashionista’s standards is Marc Jacob’s agenda for his mass friendly brand Marc by Marc. The Fashion industry is always in thirst during New York Fashion Week for his youthful, colorful and trendy collection that sets the canon for every season’s design aesthetic. Color blocking, check, athletica, check, a whole bucket of “swag” (even though I am not a big fan of the word), check. Everything is going well for this collection and Marc Jacobs’ trend setting collection is a hit, as always. 

It is inevitable that a fashionista will have a fashionista block at least once in their lifetime no matter how many Vogue they have in their ever growing fashion library of magazines. The hair pulling experience when you don’t know what to do to your closet and just wanted to run to the nearest Bergdorf Goodman to get the new collection of Prada suits is everyone’s nightmare - except when you’re a Kardashian. Reality slap, there is no chance of me getting a Prada suit for a day in school. Instead, I turn my head to Marc Jacobs and get inspired by the hip and trendy clothes with an easy chic effect. Throw a pair of trousers, a blazer and a pair of sneakers always give you that Scandinavian fashion ensemble also known as I’m-fabulous-and-I-can-rock-an-athletica look for a lazy day. 

I know, I know, I am not the biggest fan of athletic inspired collection. However, when a lazy day appears out of a sudden and you have no idea how to look glamorous without opening your wallet to dress up fresh, practicality and fashion is going to be your friend. There is also a fine line between generic surplus athletic gears that I hate and athletic inspired collection that has an actual design to please the fashion savvies like myself. 

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