| All White Summer |

The all-white trend is effortless, chic and minimalist. I have been trying to sport a minimal, clean cut look for this season just to show an easy and breezy ensemble. An all-white outfit will be the ideal starting point - instead of focusing on the pattern and color, we focus more on the silhouette of the look and pushes us to actually see every single detail that the garment has (the beauty of minimalism). I wouldn’t treat an all-white outfit like a blank canvas because this trend can be more powerful than a collection that was bombarded by colors. 

Truth of the matter is, the all-white trend is not for everyone. You need a certain attitude to wear a rather plain and simple clothing. Having that edge to push you through from girls that wear Aritzia floral tops with denim short shorts or those gents that wear Addidas track suit all-year-round is a necessity. Just make sure you choose the right silhouette for your body type and focus on the details. The details will be your “unique" factor - whether it be studs or zippers, just make sure you also stand out from fashionistas that are going to sport this trend as well. 

Speaking of the trend, my friend, Tiffany, is hosting a fabulous White party, Reve Blanc. If you’re around Vancouver, try and check it out! The best dressed judge is yours truly!

Photos from Style.com.

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