The Pursuit of Happiness

| Photography and Styling: Bernard Patacsil | Fashion Designer: Avery Yeung | Model: Kimberley-Rae |

I just want to thank you Avery Yeung (designer) for letting me use some of her fabulous dresses for this photoshoot and, of course, Kimberley-Rae for her exceptional work ethics and her efforts for this project. I feel guilty for having Kimberley and her father go down to Richmond from Coquitlam just for this editorial during Father’s day yesterday. I apologize for having this last minute due to people backing out a day before the shoot. On the other hand, Kim’s efforts are overwhelming and there is no doubt that this model will go far due to her commitment and dedication. Not to mention her effortless talent in modelling. Even though we have to rush through the photoshoot, I have to say that Kimberley-Rae is my favorite model so far that I worked with. She has that high fashion look and her face is just gorgeous that almost every shot that I took are mind blowing. In short, Kimberley impressed the heck out of me. 

The concept of this photoshoot is pretty basic. I just want to tell people to just stop what they’re doing, look around them and find something that makes them happy and feel beautiful. They will see beauty anywhere especially the nature. Everyone’s moving to urban areas and they are terrified how the life in the city ages them quickly and a waste of time due to being trapped in a small box of routine. However, even going to a garden or countryside won’t escape the reality of time and aging. The whole message of this project is literally enjoy and be grateful of the things you have right now. Take a deep breathe and see how lucky you are for having everything that you have. Because at the end of the day, time will pass and death is inevitable. Running won’t let you escape. Instead, you are just wasting your valuable time for running away from things that can never be escaped. 

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